Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Paranoid Activity 3

paranoid activity 3 is braven crap. The little girl should have just
told the ghot to fak aff. Worked for me before. I watched this because
friend of mine described it 'jumpy as fuck!'. What! What! fucking
Waht!!! Going to seriously review my list of friend now. I never know
when fellow reviewers are taking the piss anymore. Why cant they all be…like me.


  1. Ha ha, ha. I kinda agree, they're not the best of films (even though I went to see them all in cinema).

  2. nams??? are you fakin stupid?
    and why do you (ms casey) go to the cinema??? are you mad?

  3. I don't know. I don't enjoy the experience, people can hear me chowing and I hear them. When I leave the cinema I feel all dopey.

  4. You go to often, last movie i saw in the cinema was cape fear

  5. Was that one of the last times you left the house?

  6. look idiots. this is not a chat room. this is serious movie talk only

  7. This are very serious! Indeed!

    He lives with me. Don't tell Smout.