Sunday, 18 March 2012

In Time

IN Time is fucking ridiculous. Had no clue what was going on at any time. People running around with digital watches on their arms. Thats all i understood. Who makes these things?? Although if i am honest. was watching on plane (in economy!!) , drinking duty free whiskey and didnt have any earphones. So couldnt hear much. Well honest again. Couldnt hear anything. apart from friend beside me talking about whiskey and debating what the film could be about.

Underwold Awakening

goiung crazy watching films today. on my 3rd now. sad really. But bloody cold outside. underwold awakening was ok ish. like vampires and werewolf thing as u probably know. so this was 1st on the list. Liked your womans black outfit. Then Machine Gun preacher was pretty good. but instead of pop corn at the movies, i am eating a chinese tofu thing that looks like strange dog shit. ah well. nice though. maybe.

Kill List

kill list is a tad violent. But no problem there of course. A bit werd too. No problem there eiter of course. Liked the ending. Although i had guessed it. And he seemed a little surprized! Chid