Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dead Man's Shoes

dead mans shoes. A fucking classic. Havent watched it yet, but it looks
good from the pics. He has an army jacket and has an some sort of axe on
the cover. What more do you need.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cowboys and Aliens/ A better life

Plane movies agan. Cowboys and aliens and A better life. Both ok. Jamesy bond one was daft. and Ham solo should be used to this sort of thing. Never said why he had a classic gun on his arm either. As you do. Wake up and gun thin on your arm. eh? Chewy would have been a nice touch. ah well. A better life was nice. Liked the gang guys. I just came from there too!! Any wonder i was scared to walk about the place. Did see a few with tats on their face. Nearly joined a gang myself at one point. But i would have kicked the fuck out of that stealling old mexican man. Total bastard. Ragin. Was at the beech too. But not sure if prefer gang or surf bum (ou er).

Shutter Island

shudder island is mental. watched on plane and wanted to get off and kill someone. Who the fuck wrote this.didnt even know if i was real by the end. Which incidently wasnt an end. Lucky i am sensible bloke or i my have went mad. Going to stick to childrens films from now on. The devils rejects is next.
cheers, Brian

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Death Race

death race. not bad. similar to going somewhere in friends white van.

Paranoid Activity 3

paranoid activity 3 is braven crap. The little girl should have just
told the ghot to fak aff. Worked for me before. I watched this because
friend of mine described it 'jumpy as fuck!'. What! What! fucking
Waht!!! Going to seriously review my list of friend now. I never know
when fellow reviewers are taking the piss anymore. Why cant they all be…like me.

The Invention of Lying

/*The Invention of Lying*/ is a 2009 fantasy romantic comedy film that
is written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson that Barry
also watched while having more internet problems. Not bad again. Some
reasonable ideas here. But importantly. My (barry) internet is total
faking ballicks. Tomorrow i (he) will go to internet anger managemnt…

Percy and the lighting theif is ok (ish). Had to watch cause the crap
fakin internet in my room went off again. Well sort of watched. Medussa
wasnt bad. But, cause internet off, went to bar instead before i seen
the end of film. No idea what happened. But it wasnt bad for a non
internet type day of film watching. Fakin raging about this internet…