Sunday, 14 August 2011


Knowing actually started off ok. Me thinking it was a ghost thing with nicols. Usual. Turned to shit. Faking space ship!! and the end of the world!! eh!! eh!!. Nicols - ring me now? (ou er).

(Barry does need help, this is his second review for knowing and he hasn't realised)

Maid in Manhatton

I watched 'maid in manhatton'. Sersiorously. I didnt plan to. But did. I am sorry. I am a wreck. A love story. My shrink says i am fucking idiot. I dont know what to do..... Help.

Blood Diamond

Took alot of effort to watch blood diamond as that wee chidly buddy from titanic was in. I am sure you understand my concern. Was actually good. Liked. Last film i seen about diamond smuggling had del boy and denzel in it. It was good too. Maybe only watch films with diamonds from now on.