Friday, 14 December 2012

Texas killings fileds

texas killings fileds is brilliant. Well i expect i could be.  if had
been paying attention. Killing folk for no apparent reason in a sort of
hillbilly style. Nice

Sucker Punch

Sucker punch.  Raining again so i had to stay in. Not a fucking clue
what this is about.  Which means i struggled with this just a little.
Damn you rain. DAMN YOU.

The Other Guys

other guys is a comedy!  I know. didnt mean to watch it. But 2 classic
bits. Even laughed. The 'bad cop bad cop' bit and Dirty Mike and the boys.


Piranha 3DD is another classic. Best work i have ever seen night rider doing. And i really mean that. Might watxh it again right now. The ginger moran was also good (if you watch the take outs after).  Colleagues who supplied this great movie seemd to think it was stupid too!!!. Idiots.

Drive Angry

drive anger really did live up to its name. It is totl shit. Nicola
serioulsy what the fak. We are finished.

Raised in Arizona

raised in arizona is pretty good. No nonsence, no pissing about. Just a
run of the mill general daft film. No idea why i found it ok. Didnt
recognise any of the cast either.

Back to the future

Back to the fute is on tv and it is raing. fer faks sake this is not
fair im not allowed to fix spelling. People might think i am some sort
of idiot.Anyway havent seen since i was 15 so watched it. Watchable.
Then back to the fute2 came on. Fucking hell. had to turn off after 10
mins. wanted to kill eveery one. I still might.

Ghost rider

Ghost rider is fucking brilliant. Opps my poor english. I mean its shit.
China probably thinks nicola is the only actor in the world.


Paul is film about some chids and an alien. Crap but i enjoyed. The little green bastard quote was good. I have a friend call paul. He is from england. and another friend with an uncle called paul. weird eh?

Sunday, 22 July 2012


coriolanus. What the hell is this about. Turned off after 45 mins and
went out in the rain. And Nesbitt! - we need to have words now. Bringing
great shame on the name by appearing in this dung.

and making me go out in the rain.


battleship. I have seen before in a bar. But without sound so not fair
to comment on the movie (the time one on the plane was completely fair
of course). Until now that is. Bought the disc. Put it on and its faking
chinese. How the fuck did they get all the american guys and liam thingy
to speak chinese. Any wonder it flopped at the box office. These film
people are faking thick.
Not happy. Now going to watch Coriolanus.  Cover has bloke with blood on
his face so its probably going to be good.

Devils Double

raining today so am scared to go out in case drown. China drainage isnt
the best so decided today is film day.  Devils Double is good.  Rain is


diouble or double as some say is not bad. That Gere buddy looks a bit
old now. If indeed it is him and not that friend of mine who always
reconed he looked like him. Who looks fak all like him actually. Isnt
that right RG!.  Not bad film, but bit obvious. Except for the unobvious
bit at the end. A twist i think that is called. Getting the hang of this
terminology stuff now eh.  Does anyone have a copy of human centipede
2.  China doenst have it.
Thank you

Human Centipede

We (my new canadian advisor and i) had the Human centipede specialy
imported from the USA. wEll he had anyway. Thought would be crappy B
movie style. Wasnt. High quality depravity here. And that goes for my
advisor too.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Red Tails

red tails is about some black guys flying some aeroplnes.  Pretty goos. faks sake. spelling again.

Super Shark

hmmmm. super shark as the name suggests is about a shark that is super. A little worried about this one. And the fact i watched it. All of it! But i feel i must do things like this a part of my crusade to bring the best films to you. I have no idea how i would describe this.  Supershark yes. Arrange alot of drink if you are to watch this one. One of the guys in it was in snow beast i think btw.

The Grey

the grey is total faking ?? b├╣hao (very popular phrase) and faking raging at the ending. Liam - fak aff. Wise up. Perhaps been in china too long too.

I Spit On Your Grave

I spit on your grave is very good. Much better than i expected. Surprized by the high level of violence. I had for ages and never watched as thought would be crap!!!!!! I'm serious this time. Frankenfish is total bollocks btw.

Harry Potter 2

Harry potter and something (2nd one) is ok. Could be more violent of course. Opportunity missed there. Still not sure that this is gay porn either. My canadian friend may have some issues.


Frankenfish is a rip smaching piece of brilliance. I love you frankemfish. Snow beast is shit.

Harry Potter 1

watched harry potter 1. Hadnt watched as thought didnt have enough violence. It didnt. I also mentioned this to colleague. He seemed to think harry potter was gay porn. I'm worried.


immortals is totally stupid also. They killed some immortals??  eh? Why they immortal then!! eh! This is basic fakin stuff.  Dont understand why these hollywood guys dont ask me shit before they start to film. I expect this is the turning pint.  But i did enjoy this crap. cheers

The Iron lady

the iron lady is completely stupid. I liked it

The Sitter

the sitter is completely stupid. I liked it

Sherlock Holmes 2

sherlock homes's new film is a bit like watching a dodgy disc that freezes all the time (quite common in china of course) and repeatedly hitting the slow motion button. Come on guy. another rock n rolla will do nicely. not this crap


Arena is a little mad. Pretty violent again. I like the idea though. Might start up something like this in near future. Need a few helpers though. Let me know if your interested.Please state whether you want to be a fighter or aductor on your application form. Thank you

Sunday, 18 March 2012

In Time

IN Time is fucking ridiculous. Had no clue what was going on at any time. People running around with digital watches on their arms. Thats all i understood. Who makes these things?? Although if i am honest. was watching on plane (in economy!!) , drinking duty free whiskey and didnt have any earphones. So couldnt hear much. Well honest again. Couldnt hear anything. apart from friend beside me talking about whiskey and debating what the film could be about.

Underwold Awakening

goiung crazy watching films today. on my 3rd now. sad really. But bloody cold outside. underwold awakening was ok ish. like vampires and werewolf thing as u probably know. so this was 1st on the list. Liked your womans black outfit. Then Machine Gun preacher was pretty good. but instead of pop corn at the movies, i am eating a chinese tofu thing that looks like strange dog shit. ah well. nice though. maybe.

Kill List

kill list is a tad violent. But no problem there of course. A bit werd too. No problem there eiter of course. Liked the ending. Although i had guessed it. And he seemed a little surprized! Chid

Friday, 24 February 2012

Snow Beast

SNOW BEAST is a fucking classic. It just doesnt get any better than this.

Hangover 2

hangover 2 is pretty good. very scared to go to bangkok now. Expect i will go anyway.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


warrior is pretty dam good. although i put on on plane. 2 hr flight and
the bastards never told me it was 2.5 hrs long. Tried to sit on until it
was over until airport security got me. Gaggin for a week until i flew

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Conan The Barbarian

In cambodia.

Conan tha barbarian is ok. Arnie looks at little strange and is a pretty crap actor. The rest of cast is pretty good. watched 1st half of film on a flight. Took 3 weeks to watch the second half on my next flight. Perhaps a measure of how good this is. OMG this is almost sensible review.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dead Man's Shoes

watced dead mans shoes. i was rite. classic. Not exactly a hollywood
blockbuster. Crap there anyway. but it made me stay up too late because
i wanted to see the end. Alough i have to admit that my PA (and friend)
(sort of) did advise me of this. Not staying up. but that is was good.
And the 2cv was a master stroke (ou er).
Happy new year. B