Sunday, 22 July 2012


coriolanus. What the hell is this about. Turned off after 45 mins and
went out in the rain. And Nesbitt! - we need to have words now. Bringing
great shame on the name by appearing in this dung.

and making me go out in the rain.


battleship. I have seen before in a bar. But without sound so not fair
to comment on the movie (the time one on the plane was completely fair
of course). Until now that is. Bought the disc. Put it on and its faking
chinese. How the fuck did they get all the american guys and liam thingy
to speak chinese. Any wonder it flopped at the box office. These film
people are faking thick.
Not happy. Now going to watch Coriolanus.  Cover has bloke with blood on
his face so its probably going to be good.

Devils Double

raining today so am scared to go out in case drown. China drainage isnt
the best so decided today is film day.  Devils Double is good.  Rain is


diouble or double as some say is not bad. That Gere buddy looks a bit
old now. If indeed it is him and not that friend of mine who always
reconed he looked like him. Who looks fak all like him actually. Isnt
that right RG!.  Not bad film, but bit obvious. Except for the unobvious
bit at the end. A twist i think that is called. Getting the hang of this
terminology stuff now eh.  Does anyone have a copy of human centipede
2.  China doenst have it.
Thank you

Human Centipede

We (my new canadian advisor and i) had the Human centipede specialy
imported from the USA. wEll he had anyway. Thought would be crappy B
movie style. Wasnt. High quality depravity here. And that goes for my
advisor too.