Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bad Lieutenant (Again!)

Watched what i thought was new (as disc was in foreign language) nicols cage film. After 20mins was very suspicious. It was bad lieutenant. Feel wick. But watched it all again anyway. Not very often a a remake is better than the original. Top quality.

Rock n Rolla

Rock n rolla made me cry. my god. 3 years later i find out this exists!!!. I am an idiiot. well not really. But good.


watched some film on plane i dont know what it was called. Some nice ugly bloke with a glowing tree on his arm who maybe didnt used to be an ugly bloke or nice or have a glowing tree on his arm. Some sort of love story maybe. It was pretty crap anyway. No idea what happened in the end. Too much red wine and i turned it off to watch bravo 2 zero. Which i fell asleep watching - i think.
All in all this reviewing business is getting pretty bloody tricky.