Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Red Tails

red tails is about some black guys flying some aeroplnes.  Pretty goos. faks sake. spelling again.

Super Shark

hmmmm. super shark as the name suggests is about a shark that is super. A little worried about this one. And the fact i watched it. All of it! But i feel i must do things like this a part of my crusade to bring the best films to you. I have no idea how i would describe this.  Supershark yes. Arrange alot of drink if you are to watch this one. One of the guys in it was in snow beast i think btw.

The Grey

the grey is total faking ?? b├╣hao (very popular phrase) and faking raging at the ending. Liam - fak aff. Wise up. Perhaps been in china too long too.

I Spit On Your Grave

I spit on your grave is very good. Much better than i expected. Surprized by the high level of violence. I had for ages and never watched as thought would be crap!!!!!! I'm serious this time. Frankenfish is total bollocks btw.

Harry Potter 2

Harry potter and something (2nd one) is ok. Could be more violent of course. Opportunity missed there. Still not sure that this is gay porn either. My canadian friend may have some issues.


Frankenfish is a rip smaching piece of brilliance. I love you frankemfish. Snow beast is shit.

Harry Potter 1

watched harry potter 1. Hadnt watched as thought didnt have enough violence. It didnt. I also mentioned this to colleague. He seemed to think harry potter was gay porn. I'm worried.


immortals is totally stupid also. They killed some immortals??  eh? Why they immortal then!! eh! This is basic fakin stuff.  Dont understand why these hollywood guys dont ask me shit before they start to film. I expect this is the turning pint.  But i did enjoy this crap. cheers

The Iron lady

the iron lady is completely stupid. I liked it

The Sitter

the sitter is completely stupid. I liked it

Sherlock Holmes 2

sherlock homes's new film is a bit like watching a dodgy disc that freezes all the time (quite common in china of course) and repeatedly hitting the slow motion button. Come on guy. another rock n rolla will do nicely. not this crap


Arena is a little mad. Pretty violent again. I like the idea though. Might start up something like this in near future. Need a few helpers though. Let me know if your interested.Please state whether you want to be a fighter or aductor on your application form. Thank you