Friday, 14 December 2012

Texas killings fileds

texas killings fileds is brilliant. Well i expect i could be.  if had
been paying attention. Killing folk for no apparent reason in a sort of
hillbilly style. Nice

Sucker Punch

Sucker punch.  Raining again so i had to stay in. Not a fucking clue
what this is about.  Which means i struggled with this just a little.
Damn you rain. DAMN YOU.

The Other Guys

other guys is a comedy!  I know. didnt mean to watch it. But 2 classic
bits. Even laughed. The 'bad cop bad cop' bit and Dirty Mike and the boys.


Piranha 3DD is another classic. Best work i have ever seen night rider doing. And i really mean that. Might watxh it again right now. The ginger moran was also good (if you watch the take outs after).  Colleagues who supplied this great movie seemd to think it was stupid too!!!. Idiots.

Drive Angry

drive anger really did live up to its name. It is totl shit. Nicola
serioulsy what the fak. We are finished.

Raised in Arizona

raised in arizona is pretty good. No nonsence, no pissing about. Just a
run of the mill general daft film. No idea why i found it ok. Didnt
recognise any of the cast either.

Back to the future

Back to the fute is on tv and it is raing. fer faks sake this is not
fair im not allowed to fix spelling. People might think i am some sort
of idiot.Anyway havent seen since i was 15 so watched it. Watchable.
Then back to the fute2 came on. Fucking hell. had to turn off after 10
mins. wanted to kill eveery one. I still might.

Ghost rider

Ghost rider is fucking brilliant. Opps my poor english. I mean its shit.
China probably thinks nicola is the only actor in the world.


Paul is film about some chids and an alien. Crap but i enjoyed. The little green bastard quote was good. I have a friend call paul. He is from england. and another friend with an uncle called paul. weird eh?