Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Fighter

Watcher (Barry's first launguage IS english.) that the fighter Not the best Very very predictable. A true story of course.Very like that other boxing fiim years ago. Rambo.


Devil. more plane films. this is a record norris. And continuing in the supernatural theme to this flight. But just about watchable. Bit like a tv movie. Means its a bit shit. But i know now that the devil has the same eyes a ralph after 2 bottles of whiskey. They better put a faster plane on next time so i dont have to watch so much crap. Simpsons now. woho.

Paranormal Activity 2

Still on plane. watched that paranoidal (eh?) activity 2. Crap. Fucks sake.

True Grit

On plane. watched true grit. quite good but plane is crap. They dont have cider. Seriously how can any sane man watch a film without cider. Have immediately lodged massive complaint with FAA. The pilots are allowed drink so why am i not. Not fair. Obviously appreciating that they do have free champaign, wine, brandy, beer and other stuff. But where is the cider. there are films to watch.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011