Friday, 4 December 2009

Paranormal Activity

Watched that pananormal thing. Same thing happens to me every weekend. Happend again this morning. Lying sleeping having had a glass or two of cider the night before, when all of a sudden there was this fucking horrendus sound of small feet (with my shoes on) stamping up and down in front of me and a little girls voice shouting boo boo continuosly in my face. Sometimes it seems to be jumping on the bed too.  Havent been spoiler yet though. Weird.


  1. Aye it was missing something. A story.

    Try Orphan instead, Barry.

  2. Enjoyed Orphan myself, looking forward to barrys thought on it.

  3. not going to watch it. shit name

  4. This movie was a great success and I do also liked it very much. I caught this movie in theater and was really scared while watching it. The acting was really nice and the characters appeared to be genuine and convincing.
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